Database Management System ( Dbms )

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2. What is a DBMS? Briefly describe the components of a DBMS.
Database Management System(DBMS) is a collection of interrelated data (database) and set of programs to access and modify those data.
DBMS has several components. Each component has some specific task to perform. The Major components DBMS are as follows,
Without hardware it is not possible to implement DBMS. The main hardware is the computer used for storing and accessing the data in database. Other hardware components used in DBMS are Storage devices, I/O devices, and electromechanical devices which makes interface between user and the database.
This is main component of the DBMS. Software is the set of programs to access and control the data in the database. DBMS itself is the main software to manage overall database system. Application programs written in different programming language are used to access and modify the data in the database by the users.
People who work with database are called as Users of the database. They are categorized into following types,
Application programmers
These people are computer professionals who develop application programs and user interfaces by using different application development tools such as Rapid application Development (RAD) tool.
Database Administrator
The centralized control on both data and the programs access those data are at database administrator (DBA). The database administrator has the following functions:
i. Schema definition
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