Database Management System For A Company

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A research database management system (RDBMS) is the most used database management system for a company. Its roots date back to 1970, created by E.F. Codd at IBM. The database approach involves the storage of data involving tables. Attributes of the tables involve rows, used as a record of an entity. Columns, also attributes of the table, determine what will be recorded for that field. Within a table one primary key will be found, this represents a unique column of the table. A table may also have a foreign key, there can be more than one, and it identifies a primary key of another table. Foreign keys allow for relationships between tables to be created. The RDBMS is so widely used because of its simplicity to understand relationships between data. The data can also be analyzed in many ways using queries, reports, etc. A database management system covers all functions of the business and is essential for businesses to be run efficiently. Since the introduction of this time of database management system in 1970 it has triumphed many former types of widely used databases and fended off new types of databases to remain the most common type. Times have changed in the information technology world since 1970 when IBM was running the show and leading the world with improving and introducing new technology. I believe the top five most used RDBMS used in the market today are Oracle, Microsoft SQL server, IBM DB2, MySQL and PostgreSQL. Oracle database had its first
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