Database Management System : History Database System

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History of database system:

Brief history of database management is as follows,


Database management system started its journey in late 1950s with the invent of

magnetic tapes. All the data was stored in tapes. Processing of data requires reading data from

one or more tapes and writing to a new tape after processing.

1960s – 1970s:

Database management system could enhance its features with invent of harddisk. Unlike

files, hard disk supports random access of files. This feature were used to develop network and

hierarchical databases.


Relational data were not in practice until 1960s and 1970s. with the development of

system R, the implementation of relational database improved drastically, system R, is an IBM

research product based on SEQUEL/2, provides to validate feasibility of relation model.


Sql language was developed in early 1990s. This is designed for query intensive

applications. In 1980s the focus was on update intensive application however the focus was

shifts on decision support systems in 1990s. Object relational model was at the initial stage.

Structure of DBMS:

Structure of DBMS is divided into two modules or parts

i) Query processor

ii) Storage manager

i) Query processor:

Query processor components in Database Management System accepts SQL commands

generated from variety of user interface, produces query evaluation plan, executes these plans

with database and returns the answers.…
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