Database Management System Software ( Dbms )

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Introduction Database management system software (DBMS) is the software that can operate on the front and back end of an organization’s database. As do the database requirements of an organization differ, so do the types of DBMS software. The type of DBMS software required can often be narrowed down to the organization’s size and industry (Mohamed 2016). Currently, the top three DBMSs are Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server (“Microsoft SQL Server vs. MySQL vs. Oracle Comparison” 2016). Each having its own forte; however, in this assessment, only MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server (MS SQL Server) will by compared and contrasted to one another in the aspects of an organization’s needs, the hardware requirements, and the database…show more content…
MySQL also has a low total cost of ownership, in part, due to its diverse platform capabilities, free use for simple users, and in-house operations. As a result of MySQL’s broad compatibility and ability to perform typical database needs, it is an appropriate selection for organizations looking for a cost effective DBMS for lightweight to medium weight database requirements. MySQL has different editions to meet the database needs of organizations. The different editions are as follows: MySQL Community, Standard, Enterprise, and Cluster Carrier Grade (“MySQL :: MySQL Editions” 2016). The free MySQL Community Edition has the least features, has very limited security, and only limited support on the forums. Organizations seeking support might choose MySQL Standard Edition for an annual subscription at $2,000, which offers 24/7 support but also has limited security and is unable to offer security, backup capabilities, and scalability. If security is a concern for an organization, MySQL Enterprise Edition offers the previous editions feature in addition to security, database backup, scalability, and an audit program for a yearly subscription of $5,000. For organizations operating at multiple locations with high automation needs, MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition can automatically support the organization and has automated repair function to maintain continuity for an annual subscription of $10,000. The
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