Database Management Systems

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Database Management System Basith Shaik Southern New Hampshire University September 7, 2015 Abstract The intent of this paper is to design and propose a database management system solution to Grandfield College for tracking software installed. I have analyzed the organizational issues and needs and developed conceptual, logical, and physical designs of DBMS solution. In order to implement the solution, substantial research had been done on best practices in design, available products, and the legal and ethical standards to which we must adhere during design. This paper includes Business rules, Conceptual, Logical, and Physical database designs, Recommendations on best DBMS required for Grandfield College, Data model, Legal…show more content…
* Track requests of new software. Issues with current system * Some of the information is recorded in notebooks and not entered in spreadsheets * Reliable database is not available * People work in shifts to collect and preserve the data * There is no security provided for the records to protect against threats Highlights of Information provided * Installations are not entered until they have completed successfully. * Some installations can be done from network drives. * Some installation require media. * Instructors with administrative rights can check out software and do their own installations. * Instructors with administrative rights must sign an agreement and are responsible for their own support. Solution Looking at the requirements of Grandfield College, I have planned a solution with following steps are Step 1. Data Gathering: This task consists of the gathering of spreadsheets currently used by the software management team which includes the list of software, licensing of software, and all faculty and staff computers and what software is installed on each. Also included is a list of software requests. Step 2. Data Analysis: The data will be analyzed to determine database modeling. Step 3. Database normalization: Fields and
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