Database Management Systems Or Dbms

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Database Management Systems or DBMS’ are essential software’s for databases that take in information to be processed, organized, and analyzed. DBMS’ play a significant role in many things we interact with on the daily like the internet. DBMS’ can be on a small scale for individual use or on a larger scale for a company looking to keep track of all the data they collect.
Each database is custom designed for the company, or organization that will use it. Records are kept in databases and each record is very unique in its own way having different fields for what it pertains to. Each record has something that makes it unique that the other records don’t have. Text, number, dates, and amounts of money are all different computations for DBMS. All of this information is separated into fields and this is how Big Data is sorted and accessible and understandable. The data can be put in manually or sometimes it is computer assisted when it is more efficient. For example: a program may catch on if you are doing monthly reports and create a section for all 12 months after one is manually made.
The use of Database Management Systems can date back to 1966. The program was made by IBM with the help of other companies for the Apollo Program. It was designed to keep track of the bill of materials for space crafts and other things involving the trip to space. This database used a hierarchical format which can be considered a tree like structure which is still used today. At the top of the
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