Database Normalization Is Important For The Future. Company Performance Information

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Data is important to the company as it assists with decision making, competitive advantage, or support. Senior management has to rely on historical information to observe trends in order to formulate a plan to execute improvements for the future. Company performance information can be leveraged to compare among competitors in the industry to capture an idea of where the organization stands. Data can be used as support to confirm whether previously executed plans are effectively working or not against standards or metrics.
With importance of data, it would benefit business employees preserve information by improving the database design that stores it all. While information is being stored sufficiently as is, database design can be processed through normalization to improve its organization.
As a commonly exercised technique for the analysis of relational databases, normalization creates set of relational tables and minimize data redundancy that preserve consistency (Bahmani et al, 2010). The output design then facilitates correct insertion, deletion, and modification to the data.
According to Wang et al (2010), database normalization is an important process in systems analysis and design. The objective of normalization is to allow the storage of data without unnecessary redundancy and thereby eliminate data inconsistency so that users can maintain and retrieve data without difficulty. A normalized database eliminates anomalies in updating, inserting,
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