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Database A database is an organised body of related files and or information. It is simply an automated library system an is maintained as an integral part of most organisations worldwide. A cite on the World Wide Web, the Webopedia Computer Dictionary, refers to the database as a collection of information organized and presented to serve a specific purpose. (A telephone book is a common database.) A computerized database is an updated, organized file of machine readable information that is rapidly searched and retrieved by computer.

A Data Base Management System is a collection of programs that
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Sophisticated languages for managing database systems are called fourth-generation languages, or 4GLs for short.

The information from a database can be presented in a variety of formats. Most DBMSs include a report writer program that enables you to output data in the form of a report. Many DBMSs also include a graphics component that enables you to output information in the form of graphs and charts.

Migrating from the manual and paper file set up is always an advantage in its own capacity. We shall highlight the major advantages of using a database or Data Base Management System in an organisation. Using a database will reduce both data redundancy and inconsistency. For larger or even smaller organisations like a small time starting estate agency, a database will promote sharing of data for example when referring to client files. Their rent or sales teams can share the information in order to be able to assist their clients better. Standards are enforced, through the use of the data dictionary or catalogue. Another advantage is that privacy and integrity controls are applicable to groups of users such as passwords and access controls for security. In-terms of privacy, a selection of authourised users can use the database and with reference to integrity, the database
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