Database Project on University Timetable

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Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2 1.1. Purpose 2 1.2. Scope 2 1.3. Technologies to be used 2 1.4. Overview 2 2. Overall Description 2 2.1. Goals of proposed system 2 2.2. Background 2 2.3. Project Requirements 2 2.4. User Characteristics 2 2.5. Hardware Requirements 2 2.5.1. Processor RAM Disk Space 2 2.6. Software Requirements 2 2.6.1. Operating System 2 2.6.2. Application(s) 2 2.6) Definitions of problems 2 2.7. Alternative Solutions 2 3. Feasibility Study 2 3.1. Steps in feasibility analysis 2 3.2. Technical feasibility 2 3.2.1. Front-end and back-end selection 2 3.2.2. Front-end selection 2 3.3. Economical feasibility 2 3.4. Operational Feasibility 2 3.5.…show more content…
* Having ‘read only’ access so that they can at least view the data. Hardware Requirements Processor RAM Disk Space * Pentium IV or higher * 512 MB RAM or higher * 40GB Hard Disk Software Requirements Operating System * Win-98, Win-XP, Win-2003, Linux(with GUIs) Application(s) * SQL Server * MS Visio * Visual Studio 2005 2.6) Definitions of problems Problems with conventional system * Lack of immediate retrievals The information is very difficult to retrieve like, for example, to find out about the class room, students have to inquire Academic controller to know about their class room. * Lack of immediate information storage The information that is being generated, such as any extra class, takes times and efforts to be stored at right place. * Lack of prompt updating Various changes to information like Classroom change, Teacher Availability, Class Schedules. Alternative Solutions This system provides online storage/ update and retrieval facility. This system promises very less or no paper work and also helps Student and Academic Controller staff. This system is fully automated so that information can be retrieved very easily without searching for data at various places. Feasibility Study Feasibility study is a test of system proposal according to its workability, impact of the organization, ability to meet needs and effective use
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