Database Records and Relational Data Worksheet

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University of Phoenix Material Database Records and Relational Data Worksheet Complete Parts A and B of this worksheet. Cite your sources. Part A: Database Records l Answer the following patient information questions using the table provided. Refer to figure 4-10 on p. 83 of Health Information Technology and Management for assistance. 1. What patient resides in California? What is the patient number? The patient that resides in California Sofia Yakaria Pallares. Her patient number is 10259. Gartee, R. (2011). 2. Who is the provider of Sofia Yakaria Pallares? What credentials does her provider have? Ruth Ann Raymond is Sofia’s provider and Ruth Ann Raymond has her MD license. Gartee, R. (2011). 3. What…show more content…
Be clear and concise, use complete sentences, and explain your answers using specific examples. Cite your sources. 1. What are the main components of a database? One of the main components of a database is characters. Characters are letters, numbers and punctuation marks. You are using characters when you are typing a sentence for example. Another main component would be fields. Fields separate data in defined fields. When data is being entered even if you don’t have an answer for all fields a space is still left but it would be blank. If you have ever seen an excel spreadsheet that would give you an idea of how data is lined out into different fields. Records are a main database component as well. Records are a group of fields that are about one thing. An example would be social security numbers in a database of patients. Each patient would have a social security number and each social security number is in a field. That field would have the same information which is that patients social security number even though every ones is different and there would be many listed depending on how many patients was in the database. Gartee, R. (2011). 2. Based on Part A of this assignment, explain how relational data is used? Relational data is when you can put data in a computer one time and it grows

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