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Introduction In order to obtain peer reviewed research articles related to the impact of the psychological contract on job satisfaction in community mental health care workers it is important to review research that has been completed in a variety of researchers and in different settings. The databases that were selected to locate peer reviewed articles for this paper where Academic Search Complete and ProQuest Psychology. Tutorials were available for each of these databases and ProQuest was used to learn how to navigate through the data base since it was not a familiar data base to this author. ProQuest is a database that offers a variety of options in completing a search. A researcher can select to do a basic search, an…show more content…
Results of the analysis were similar to other research findings in other studies in different settings and although measures can be developed for different levels of employees, the psychological contract is different to each employee in relation to how the employee perceives his job and develops his own psychological contract (Cable, 2010). Limitations that could be identified in the study were the small sample size that included only managers, was conducted only in New Zealand and therefore may not be able to be generalized to other countries (Cable, 2010). Results and discussion suggests that future research could expand the understanding on how the fulfillment of the psychological contract could impact an individual employee’s attitudes and behaviors (Cable, 2010). After a search in ProQuest the article Transformational Leadership and Public Service Motivation: Driving Individual and Organizational Performance, was selected for review to determine if the content is relevant to research topic. An empirical research method in which the authors reviewed a vast amount of past research was used to explore ways in which managers can use positive motivation to improve public service employee and organizational performance as well as give recommendations to assist managers to implement motivational values in a variety of management settings (Paarlberg, L., Lavigna, B.,
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