Database Security : A Valuable Asset For Organizations And Must Be Protected

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In this paper, the subject of database security is explored. Having a solid comprehension of database security should be considered a requirement within any organization. Data is a valuable asset for organizations and must be protected. An event can have adverse effect on a database system and must be considered a threat. This paper explores and introduces the reader to common threats to database systems and how to counter such threats. There is a strong need to control and manage data contained within a database system, and it is the role of the database management system to ensure that data is kept secure and confidential. The security of databases is more crucial today than it ever has been. Inadequate database security
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Database security is the process of protect a database from unauthorized activity.
Defining Database Security A database is a “collection of information that is organized so that it can be easily accessed, managed and updated” (). A database management system is software that is used for creating and managing databases. This allows users a method to create, retrieve, and manage data. The database management system manages the data, the engine, and the database schema. Database security utilizes collective measures to secure and protect a database or database management software from illicit use and malicious threats and attacks. This requires a significant number of processes, tools, and methodologies that promote security within a database. Database security encompasses each component of the database including data stored in database, database server, database management system, and other database workflow applications. A database administrator is responsible for monitoring and troubleshooting database performance. They direct all personnel and activities related to maintaining the database. In most cases, it is the responsibility of the database administrator and other information security personnel to plan, implement, and maintain the security of the database. Due to more threats and risk to databases, the need to secure databases has also increased.
Threats to

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