Database Security Is Responsible Protecting The Confidentiality, Integrity And Availability

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DATABASE SECURITY University Student Executive Overview This report looks into database security then compares database security tools that can be adopted and implemented to solve database threats. The conclusions and recommendations made can enable an organization choose an effective and efficient security tool to be in order to attain utmost security of data, resources and information. The research was conducted by accessing information from the internet, reading various books and articles. This research notably conveyed a paradigm shift in database security threats due to their sophistication and increase, hence increased need for implementation of watertight security solutions. Database security is responsible protecting the…show more content…
This is to ensure the integrity, privacy and availability of data and resources. Data is accorded magnanimous importance in any organization hence the need for an IT security specialist and security solutions to protect the data. Threats such as natural catastrophes, system malfunctions and physical theft can bring massive losses to an organization. It is thus of utmost significance to mitigate these threats by all means possible. Information security is a broader realm to database security, network security and email security. All these security issues leverage synergies to ameliorate system performance and curb security threats to information (Nemati 2008). These security sectors complement each other to attain absolute system protection and performance. Network security for example complements database security by implementing firewalls and intrusion detection systems to safeguard databases. Before the acquisition of any security solution, critical considerations and comparisons need to be done in order to ensure the enterprise purchases the best security solution that will provide ultimate security. The increase in database threats and risks has led to increased need to boost information security especially database security. Some of these security risks and threats include:-  Physical
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