Database System for Trident University Students

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Database system for Trident University Student Abstract This database system is designed for Trident University IT department to help in monitoring monitor students’ progress. In doing this, the paper outlines a database project to help in storing student information and track their progress in their coursework relating to the courses they have selected and their scores. The paper further uses an entity relationship diagram to represent the data from the database created. The paper additionally discusses some problems that have been encountered in this assignment as well as issues that may arise from the student database design created. ER Diagram Representing the Data Entity relationship diagram is a model used to identify entities existing in a particular system having a close relationship. This model is used as a means of visualizing relational databases since each entity in the model is a representative of a database table with each entity showing specific records in related tables (Chen, 1976). Besides, this diagram can only capture a bit of data from each table within the database, but serving to diagram the major concepts and relationships. Though entity relationship diagram helps during the database design process, it may however not identify all the tables necessary for an electronic resource management database. Database Design Issues This database design gives an insight on a class of 10 students from different states learning different subjects in Trident

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