Database Technology : Data Mining

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Pradeep Kumar Chagantipati
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Data mining: Quickly extending subject that is nearly connected with database technology is Data mining, which comprises of methods for finding patterns in a collected data. Data mining is a logical procedure of recognizing valuable patterns in large databases. It uses tools from the Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, prediction is the key goal of data mining. Data mining investigates vast databases and predicts the results helpful for arranging future in organizations. Data mining plays a vital role in different fields like stock exchange, marketing.
In addition, Data mining is operated on Data warehouses. The data warehouse is a collection of static data. Finding patterns in a static data is easier when compared to the dynamic data. The six forms of data mining are a) Class description b) Class discrimination c) Cluster analysis d) Association analysis e) Outlier analysis f) Sequential pattern analysis.
Class description:
It provides the concise and summarized information about the data An overview of data is called class characterization. Example: Students who study MSIT at Concordia University. It describes all the students in MSIT into one class.
Class discrimination:
It distinguishes the data into groups, to identify the given information. Specific data can be identified with the help of groups. Example: Students who have taken the course 501 on campus and online at Concordia university. It gives the valid point to…
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