Database Trends That Will Take The Spotlight This Year

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Five Database Trends That Will Take the Spotlight This Year

There’s no getting around the fact that we are in the data age. Data is coming at us from all directions, and in all sorts of shapes and sizes. As technology leaders, we’re tasked with answering complex questions like: How are we going to process all this information? How can we make it more accessible? And how will we benefit from it?

To further complicate things, new technologies and trends are coming out of the woodwork everyday. Hundreds of incumbents and startups alike are adding new features, building on top of emerging open source projects, and claiming to be the next big thing. Within the Hadoop ecosystem, there are (at least) eleven open source projects alone. And making sense of it all is the last thing you want spend your spare time on.

To help bring some clarity and peace of mind, we’ve compiled a list of data trends and movements that you can expect to see in 2015, and withstand for the long term.

Here are the five database trends that will take the spotlight this year:

In-Memory Computing Becomes Widespread
Dropping prices, undisputed performance, and untapped business value will drive the widespread adoption of in-memory computing.

Microsoft recently announced it’s G-series for cloud instances that go up to 32 cores and 448 GiB of RAM at a cost of $8.69 per hour. As of right now, Amazon’s R3 comparable instance is $2.80 per hour for 244 GiB of memory with 32 CPU cores, and Google’s high
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