Database Vs. Database Systems

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Database Systems There are two types of database first one is Non-Relational and second one is Relational. Non-relation where all data is stored in one single table and relational database contain two or more table where all the data is stored in many table and table link together. A database is set the data that is stored in tables, which is also structured through objects and data is organized in fields. Databases can store large amounts of data easily because it stored hard drive; it is easy to search the database when you sort up the data. The database has many objects for example table, form, queries and report. Queries allow to easily searching the data. However database is difficult for non-technical users, also it cost for their database package and when they want to update the data they need technical knowledge. To make a database for this type to having the records of on a computer and computer makes the whole system for you more professional and also the database is easy to use and multiple purposes. There are many use of database they can help company and organization with their activities. What is a Relational Database? Relational database contain two or more table where all the data is stored in many tables and the table is link together. Each table have record and each record is going in filed and the filed is where the data is stored in table such rows and columns. Furthermore every table must share filed with a another table to create relationship and it
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