Databases Of Ebscohost And Proquest

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Databases generally are essential in retrieving relevant information about a subject matter. The process of storing and gathering information is increasing each day and with this, the use of databases is rising as well. There are several databases in the modern world and each one of them is associated with specific types of search processes and materials. The study intends to critically analyze the databases of EBSCOhost and ProQuest using PGCC Library resource in order to portray the differences between the two while investigating their different aspects.


EBSCOhost is a creation of EBSCO Information Services, which provides online research materials and eBooks for the researchers of diversified field including
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Moreover, there is also an option to download full text eBooks from eBook central if valid user ID and password is available to the user. In addition to this, the keywords in the search results were observed to be highlighted in yellow, which can help the researcher to clearly identify the required paper with minimum efforts (ProQuest LLC, Search within").

However, EBSCOhost does not provide the option to the researcher for searching related and suggested information for a certain keyword which is a crucial limitation for them as every researcher prefers to get the option of searching for related researches. The search results contain relevant information and materials but the quantity is significantly low. The one-click citation option for individual research material is missing which may be annoying to the academic researchers at certain times. The database search of ProQuest is more efficient than EBSCOhost in all these respects but it is not free from limitations. As the number of materials in the search results is relatively more, the researcher has to efficiently sort the results to find the relevant information. This is quite difficult for me or anyone too in the results page. The option of full-text view is missing in some of the materials, which is not observed in the EBSCOhost search results.

The search results of EBSCOhost are fully concerned with the materials that are
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