Data's Work Is Never Done'

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Throughout history, women are made to seem unintelligent and helpless and men are seen as the only ones entitled to power. This injustice is present in the media all the time. What is not typically shown is the great injustice that men face when dealing with the social norms, that ‘all they can do is work’. These stigmatisms not only places restrictions on women and their opportunities, but also place similar restrictions on men. The ideas addressed in “Dads of Tech”, “Data’s Work is Never Done”, and “Paternity Leave: The Rewards and the Remaining Stigma” provide an insight into both perspectives. In the article, “Dads of Tech,” Astra Taylor and Joanne McNeil argue that women are underappreciated and less significant in the workplace compared to men in the same positions. When it comes to…show more content…
She uses an example of a receptionist and a nurse to further the idea, that again, the work of women is made invisible through our ideas about technology and careers relating to it. According to The United States Department of Labor, 92 percent of nurse positions are held by women. This position is now associated with work which is often seen as less dempanding and a undereducated position. The behind the scenes work of measuring, recording, and entering data needs to be very specific and carefully monitored because this work is nowhere near mindless. Jobs that many women hold are very powerful and important contrary to societal beliefs. The same stereotype goes against men as well. About 8 percent of the nurse population is male. Many male students who are planning to follow a medical career often become doctors because of the negative views male nurses have. One cannot only focus on one group of people, women, but need to look at the larger audience of women and
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