Dataware House Architecture

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DATA WAREHOUSE ARCHITECTURE Albina Yusupova Data Warehouse Architecture The main difference between the database architecture in a standard, on-line transaction processing oriented system (usually ERP or CRM system) and a Data Warehouse is that the system’s relational model is usually de-normalized into dimension and fact tables which are typical to a data warehouse database design. The differences in the database architectures are caused by different purposes of their existence. In a typical OLTP system the database performance is crucial, as end-user interface responsiveness is one of the most important factors determining usefulness of the application. That kind of a database needs to…show more content…
In view of this, it is far more reasonable to present the different layers of a data warehouse architecture rather than discussing the specifics of any one system. In general, all data warehouse systems have the following layers: Data Source Layer Data Extraction Layer Staging Area ETL Layer Data Storage Layer Data Logic Layer Data Presentation Layer Metadata Layer System Operations Layer  The picture below shows the relationships among the different components of the data warehouse architecture: Metadata Layer Data Source Layer Data Extraction Layer Staging Area ETL Layer Data Storage Layer Data Logic Layer Data Presentation Layer System Operations Layer Each component is discussed individually below: Data Source Layer This represents the different data sources that feed data into the data warehouse. The data source can be of any format - plain text file, relational database, other types of database, Excel file, etc., can all act as a data source. Many different types of data can be a data source: · Operations - such as sales data, HR data, product data, inventory data, marketing data, systems data. · Web server logs with user browsing data. · Internal market research data. · Third-party data, such as census data, demographics data, or survey data. All these data sources together form the Data Source Layer. Data Extraction Layer Data gets pulled from the

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