Date and Destination of Galations

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Grace School of Theology NORTH OR SOUTH: Destination and Date of Galatians A Paper Submitted to Gregory P. Sapaugh, Th.M. Ph.D In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of RS-503: Research Methods, Writing, and Technology by William (Brant) Wallace Houston, Texas February 25, 2015 Contents Introduction 1 General Debate 1 Geography of Galatia 2 Diversity and Strategy 2 Advantage for Missional Activities 3 The North 3 Evidence for the Northern Theory 4 History 4 Biblical Reference 4 Character 5 The South 5 Evidence for the Southern Theory 6 Establishment of Churches 6 Inclusion of Galatian Churches 6 Judaizing Controversy 7 The…show more content…
Given its vast size and thenorthern territory, known as Galatia proper; and, (2) the southern cities of Lycaonia, Pisidia, and Phrygia.10 Chapters 13 and 14 of the book of Acts indicate that Paul traveled within the southern cities of Galatia on his first missionary journey.11 Although there is no explicit mention of Paul visiting the northern territory, some believe that Acts 16:6 and 18:23 provide clear indications that Paul was in the North not the South. 12 The North Many believe that the letter of Galatians was written to those who lived in the northern territory of Galatia. Although this view was once the predominant view, there are three problems with the northern theory: 1. Testament. 2. Very little is known of recipients and churches in the North. 3. The conditions of North were more dangerous and strenuous than that of the South. 10 F. F. Bruce, "Galatian Problems. 2. North or South Galatians?" Bulletin of the John Rylands Library, no. 52 (Spring 1972): 243. 11 12 Ibid., 244. William M. Ramsay, The Church in the Roman Empire Before A.D. 170, 3rd ed. (London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1894), 78.  Despite these problems, there is evidence to support the northern theory.13 Evidence for the Northern Theory Evidence for the northern theory fall into the categories of history, biblical
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