Dating Elderly Men

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Everyone think that dating older men is better because they have had experience and know more than the younger men do,but that isnt all true at all. Older men have their cons as well like; they feel that they have ''power'' over the relationship, they can be very sneaky just like younger males, and they are less exciting. Some people think that dating an older male will be the answer to all their problems but not necessary. Sadly to say they are all the same in many ways.
First, is that they feel that they have ''power'' over the relationship since they are older than you.
Some people think that they would be like okay with not being in control but they arent they have to be in control and if they aren't they tend to become mad and not wanting
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Thrid, everyone think that someone older would love to go out and do things since they are older and have nothing really else to do but that isnt true. Older man are very less exciting and that is a shocker they barley like to do anything like they use to. Older man like to follow a daily routine everyday if they get off schedule it messes with them and they feel a little off because they are just use to doing this and that at a certain time and dislike when someone tries to change something. They don’t like to go they rather sit in the house most of the time watching the news or sports channel and that can be quite boring for a female that’s young she wants to get out and explore and have fun not sit in the house most of the time. Older men can be quite stubborn and I feel that if you decide you want an relationship with a younger female you shouldn’t be that way
I mean you are lucky to even date someone younger than you that’s willing to put up with a
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