Dating For Dummies By Dr. Joy Browne

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Relationships are different in many ways but can have the same matter. In the book Dating For Dummies by Dr. Joy Browne, she provides advice on how to have successful dates that lead to fulfilling your need to have fun and to find someone new to understand. The book goes into useful information from how to be yourself with confidence and make sure that you are ready for the process of dating. Take for example the first part of the book, it focuses on you as a person and how dating occurs in the modern world. Both of these contexts are combined in order to see if the manners of dating are the course you are willing to endeavor. As Dr. Joy Browne describes in the chapter, “Finding Out What Makes You Tick,” she acknowledges the importance of what you are, and how you’d like to date. Some information she analyzes are the effects that your parents have on your relationships, and the quality of a relationship you as a person want for who you are. The most interesting part of this chapter is its ability to create the ideal date or companion through the inquiries of the type of person you are. The overall chapter is well for describing the patterns of what you do and want in life. However, the author places too much of an assumption on the role of parents and personal preferences in regards to your companion. The catch of the day is not what you want but what you get. With this book, part two describes all of the selections and patterns places it into a hat to find the ideal date.…

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