Dating In Middle School

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In my perspective people around me have been dating since we entered middle, I don't know why but they have.I always wondered what they did because we just entered middle school and they can't do anything but hold hands, I don't think they went on dates because they were too young and I believe nobody’s parents would have allowed it during that time. Know on the main topic teen dating. I believe that parents should make rules on dating because we are still young, some of us might not know what to do. Parents should be allowed to make rules on dating but not the rules that are so strict that you can't go out with this person that has stolen your child’s heart. The rules that should be made should guide your child throughout Middle and High School. The dating rules should not restrict them because that is probably going to make your child a liar because we're still kids and we want what we want. So if you're restrict us by making rules that don't allow us to go out on dates that going to make us not care about the rules you made. Middle school love, if parents know that their children are going out with a…show more content…
Their should not be as much rules as they was before in middle school but their should be rules. A few are that you can only go on dates during the day no dates during night, movies are exceptional. You have to know who their going out with but don't get into their personal life as much because we're teens right now we need our space from you. To us your invading our space when you think your not and I am saying this by personal experience with my parents and uncles and aunts. Another rule that you should make is where you are going just in case something bad pops up family wise or something is happening in the general area of where your child is
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