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People want to date because they see that everyone else is dating and they think they’re happy in a relationship. Or they are just very lonely and feel they need to have someone by there side to comfort them and make them happy. In my grandparents generation the couples were faithful and most likely would marry their first true love. There generation came with a lot of responsibilities and rules concerning being with another person. Basically my grandparents and previously generations is where true love began. In my parents generation things where a bit different they didn’t have to follow so much rules. They could get away with a lot of more things basically hey had more freedom when coming to dating. In my generation we can say things…show more content…
He is one of the best things that have ever happened to me. There is a major difference in how past generations viewed relationships compared to now. Such as, relationships used to offer companionship, in the past couples valued marriage, but now people marry for all kinds of reasons besides the most important thing loving someone, instead now people go for money, the houses, and even pregnancy just to trap someone. In the past a man looked for a woman that could make a good wife and mother. Today many young people have conveniences of marriage like sex and companionship without the legal commitment. I believe that getting into a relationship now is harder than in the past, my values and expectations of dating are more reflective of the old generation of dating.I was taught while growing up, to get to know the person, his parents, and him to be introduced to
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