Dating Rituals Essay

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Dating Rituals Dating in our culture is a mysterious thing. The actual definition of a ‘date’ is different for certain people, in certain places and at a certain point in time. Even so, trying to define what dating really is very difficult. But in a general understanding of the term, dating is two people spending time together and going out and doing things, without any real sense of commitment towards each other. That is, they are both generally free to go on dates with other people as well. Focusing on heterosexual dating, there are many patterns or rituals that go into the whole concept of dating. These are hard to tag, because dating rituals are often distinct to particular settings. However, dating rituals have visibly changed…show more content…
Then at the conclusion of the date, the man will take the woman home and walk her to her door. This is the ‘classic date’ scenario of the last forty years, and some of the rituals from yesteryear still are upheld today. The man is most definitely the provider of the date, and the woman the receiver. Today however, the popular notion of dating seems to have changed. Through things such as the sexual revolution of the women’s movement, and a generally more liberal society, dating has become quite different as I see it. A date can be initiated through mutual friends, or meeting someone at a party. Others times you will know the person from work or school or the building that you live in. People who date now are usually friends first and tend to know each other fairly well, at least on a superficial level. Dates are not made by awkward phone calls, and dates are rarely official. By this I mean that a guy would not usually call up a girl and ask her if she would like to go on a date. He would ask if she would want to hang out or meet up somewhere. Simply hanging out with a girl and a group of friends, or going to a party with a girl could be considered a date. The whole situation is more laid back and relaxed by making dating less of a formal thing. Sex has become more of an open thing, and men and women both engage in it on dates as more of a physical pleasure, rather than an act of love. In the classic view of a
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