Dating Violence Research Paper

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1. Title Examining the Effects of Dating Violence and the Difficulty of Leaving Abusive Partners 2. Problem or Objective For this research project, I am planning on looking into the rates of dating violence, risk factors, and why those who are involved in such relationships continue to stay with their aggressive partner. The theory that I have developed about this topic is that people stay with their aggressive partners despite the continual aggression their face. My hypothesis is that if the battered partner doesn’t have confidence in themselves and their own abilities, they will continue to stay with their aggressive partner despite the abuse. This is going to require special consideration to design the research plan given the circumstances.…show more content…
The women involved in such relationships, often because of peer pressure and other societal stresses, have experienced multiple emotional and physical issues. In addition, the authors found that many of these women feel that there is a severe lack of resources and support to help them with these issues. The authors note that the women’s efforts to obtain support were often met with skeptical and dismissive attitudes from health care professionals among other adults. The authors, whose study is published in an international journal, demonstrates their credibility. In addition, their knowledge in the topic along with the nursing aspect of the issue shows the depth of their knowledge. In my opinion, this research is very important because it discusses why many women stay in violent relationships which helps to shed light on the issue and hopefully, find ways to get these women the help they need. In addition, the authors’ use of real examples from study participants helped to drive home the importance of this topic. The main limitation of this study, which the authors noted, was that they had a very homogenous sample that they interviewed. As such, the study may not be very generalizable to other populations making it hard to cite regarding diverse populations. In addition, given that the research…show more content…
The study’s subjects, 169 college aged women who were in abusive relationships, took a survey at two separate points in time which allowed the researchers to assess changes in intimate partner violence in the subjects’ relationships. In their study to determine this process as well as some of the factors that make the process more difficult, the authors tested two psychosocial models; the investment model which contends that “relationship continuation is predicted by greater relationship commitment” (p. 2908). Other factors that played a significant role in this model included relationship investment, relationship satisfaction, and perception of available alternatives. The other model tested, the theory of planned behavior model, asserts that a person’s individual behavior, in this case leaving an abusive relationship, is the best predictor in the probability in the individual actually committing that action. Other factors that played a role in this model included their attitude towards the action, the perceived social pressures associated with the action, and their perceived degree of control over the action. The results of the study showed that although both are suitable for this research topic, the theory of planned behavior was the best fit for the
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