Dating the Rocks of the Grand Canyon (Old Earth vs. Young Earth)

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Introduction This is a comparative essay and its purpose is to compare old-Earth and young-Earth viewpoints on Dating the rocks of the Grand Canyon. There are different views on this and no scientific method that can prove (completely) the age of the universe or the earth. There are the use of different types of calculations that can provide some guesses on the age of the earth. Many things need to be assumed such as a beginning date and the speed of change along with varying increases and decreases of material over time. “Young-Earth Creationism” (YEC) is based on a precept that earth and the universe were created by God, only 6,000 years ago in six days. Their position is that by examining geological records the scientific details of…show more content…
Old-Earth Secular View Mainstream science make predictions based on varies tests. For instance, one of the test said that in a certain geological eras some animals should have transitioned from fish to amphibians. This helped the scientists find just such fossils in that era. Old-Earth seculars believe “tree rings over 6000 years old, thick layers of limestone, and the sequence of animal fossils in rock layers” are evidence for an Old-Earth view. A description of the grand canyon rock layers would include the Colorado River running at the bottom of the inner gorge with flats on both sides which consist of tapeat sandstone layers. There is also the Vishnu Complex, consisting of rocks that have been changed by heat and are buried at the lowest layers. These are tilted and are called the “Grand Canyon Supergroup” the Grand Canyon supergroups are at least 12,000 ft in thickness. These rocks or (the “Inner Gorge”) are usally steep and narrow with hard deep cuts in the lower tilted layers which raise above sea level. Old- Earth Seculars search and explore these areas of the Grand Canyon to find answers to the age of the earth. Young-Earth View Young- Earth view point on the age of earth is based on not only science but the Bible as well. There try to combine the two areas in an effort to present the true age of the earth. One of the areas they use is how long it takes for material to harden. They present

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