Dave Grohl Research Paper

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Who I admire: Dave Grohl Many people do not realize what it means to be a musician, much less a famous musician. You need to be smart, talented and charasmatic. Dave grohl has achieved all three of these things. He has completed the goals of many young men, including myself. Dave has been in many successful bands and written and performed multiple hit songs. Dave Grohl Has many admirable attributes but considering my time constraints, I will only touch a few of them. The first amazing that I will discuss is the fact that he can write songs. General audiences do not realize how difficult it is to write songs. You must first come up with a part. After that extenuating process you have to make other parts that match the original part. Dave has such amazing talent that he writes most of the parts to his songs. The first album of his newest band(Foo Fighters) was all written,…show more content…
Dave plays drums, guitar, bass guitar, and basically anything you put in front of him. The craziest part about him being able to play all of these instruments is that he plays them just as well, if not better, than someone who focuses solely on one one instrument. He can even sing! Dave is the lead singer and plays guitar for his Current band “The Foo Fighters”. I can not think of another person that can play as well or as many instruments as Dave Grohl. My final, and perhaps my favorite part about Dave, is How many bands he has been in. Dave Grohl has been in some of my favorite bands including “Foo Fighters” , “Queens of the Stone Age”, and ,the most famous, “Nirvana”. The fact that he was in such famous and successful bands shows why many people respect and admire him. Dave was first well-known for being in a massive band called “Nirvana”. Most artists are famous for one band and one band only. However, Dave continued after that. He founded a band in 1994 which is still pumping out hit after
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