Dave Pelzer, A Non Fiction Book Based On The True Story Of One Such Child Essay

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When children endure severe physical abuse, children are robbed of their normal sense of self and their normal sense of home. A Child Called “It” is a non-fiction book based on the true story of one such child, Dave Pelzer, and his lifelong struggle both to survive and to reclaim his identity and try’s to gain a normal life back. The author who is to Dave Pelzer wrote this book on his child hood. He has overcome many things since that time period in his life. He is an author of the #1 worldwide best seller. Dave Pelzer is also recognized as one of the nation most effective and well respected communicators addressing corporate groups, conventions and human-service professionals. Dave’s tremendous accomplishments have reaped personal commendations from former Presidents Ronald Raegan, and George Bush. In 1993 Dave was honored as one of The Outstanding Young Persons of the World, he was also selected as a torchbearer for the 1996 Olympics Torch Relay. Dave has now dedicated his life helping others learn how to help themselves.
A Child Called it was a heart breaking true story about a young child that found will to survive one of the worst child abuse cases that have ever been reported in California history. Dave Pelzer who was the young boy lived in a devastating world of torture, starvation, and cruelty from the age of four until he was rescued by school officials at the age of twelve. This book will inspire who all read it but at the same time it will horrify them. This

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