Dave Upsy Case Study

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On November 11th, 2009 @ 0200, dispatch sent Officer Cuffs (“Cuffs”) and I to 100 yards south of the intersection of Party Avenue and Work Road. I saw Steve Upsy (“Upsy”) riding a lift down the road with a case of beer between his legs. I heard Cuffs tell Upsy to get down from the lift and he refused. Cuffs attempted to get Upsy down from the lift; he was arrested for not compiling with commands. The location of the call was 1 block north of the liquor store, which was next to a big white building. The sky was overcast. There was a black truck in the liquor store parking lot. There were approximately 3 cars parked in front of the white building. I did not see any other people around the parked truck or outside the liquor store. Please see
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