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Final Term Paper Homicide in the U.S. David A Quimby University Of South Florida In the all states within the United States it is illegal to kill or cause the death of another human being. It is unlawful to kill or cause the death of another human being. Do we have laws that exist in some states that allow for senseless killing of another human being? Can a law that is in effect actually determine if a grown armed man can legally shoot and kill an unarmed black teenager? Does implicit racial bias play a role in how these cases are prosecuted and investigated? In Florida it most certainly can. This paper looks at a certain case I our recent history and how certain laws and biases may have played a role in the verdict of “not guilty. Laws are made and are changed based on events that have happened and laws are changed that no longer serve their purpose to protect us. Some homicide laws even allow for implicit racial bias. One law in Florida is in place and many feel that it is too broad and needs to be looked at closely to close the gap between an allowable or justified killing of another person especially when the victim may be Blacks or Hispanics. In the State of Florida there is a self-defense law that is referred to as “Stand Your Ground Law”. Many Florida attorneys advertise this law on their practices websites. On Huessin and Webber Attorney at Laws website the law is explained clearly. In a highly publicized move, the Florida Legislature enacted
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