David And Goliath

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The story of David and Goliath is an iconic story from the bible, which many artists have tried to capture in sculptures. The story goes that there was a young boy that tended sheep, and one day he went to go see his brothers that were in the Israel army called Israelites. The Israelites were at war with the Philistines whom had a great warrior his name was Goliath, he stood nine feet tall and was enormous compared to everyone else. Goliath carried giant weapons and was afraid of no man. For Forty days Goliath would go to the battlefield and demand to give him a man and let them fight each other but everyone was too scared. But while David was there to see his brothers he saw Goliath and was not afraid so he asked the king to let him fight…show more content…
He made this around the time of 1425 and 1440 but no one knows for sure. Donatello made his David a more biblical version compared to those of the other two sculptors I will be comparing. This sculpture is unlike the other because of it being casted from bronze but that is not the only difference. This David has long flowing hair and an almost boyish figure. David is standing with the weight on his right leg with his left raised slightly, his arms are both bent with one holding a sword and the other on his hip in almost an uncomfortable way bending his wrist. David is naked and the only piece of clothing on him is his simple hat crowned with a wreath and boots. I think that this figure looks very young and more childlike, like the descriptions in the bible. I also feel that it is more soft and gentle than the other two. He also has a slight smile on his face as he looks down as if he is happy after slaying the powerful…show more content…
But to compare the age I would say that Donatello’s David is the youngest and most boy like of all three. Michelangelo’s and Bernini’s depict David as a young man or someone that could actually fight, they make him look muscular and more defined than Donatello’s depiction also Donatello’s is the only sculpture casted in bronze rather than the other two being made of marble. Also the hair in Donatello’s David is longer and more of a biblical looking David than the others. They are all in different times as well the first made sculpture was Donatello’s and his David was made after the battle of him and Goliath, but Michelangelo’s is seen as right before the battle when he is looking at Goliath. And the last made was Bernini’s and in his David is in the action of throwing the stone at Goliath. In Michelangelo’s David he is just made by himself with one thing keeping him up where in the others David’s is in a action like throwing in Bernini’s or is standing on something like in Donatello’s. The facial expressions in all of these are actually quite different as well if you really look at them. In Bernini’s his face is distressed and in concentration. But in Michelangelo’s his face is almost blank but with a look as if to no shock of the giant in front of him. And finally Donatello’s has a face of a grin or smirk where he has defeated the great Goliath and he is now happy. They also have
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