David Barboza When A Crop Becomes King Summary

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In discussions of health gardening, and healthy food has not been such an impact on this community and environment. A reasonable claim to why our community has a high obesity rate is because people do not take care of their weight. In Barboza’s article he talks about the obesity rate and how it is getting out of hand, the sugary food is banned from schools. In my opinion, I agree with all authors of the different articles, but David Barboza explains a risky issue that we should all pay attention to. The risks of diabetes affect the children more because they are still young and will eat anything that tastes delicious, the children watch television and see the ads of fast food restaurants that show hamburgers, ice cream, soda, etc. For example, children want to go eat junk food at the places the ads show because the ads do not show anything that has fresh fruit or veggies just unhealthy products. The opposition I think will be is when some…show more content…
The food industry has been a big impact to people's lives by changing the way they feel, the way they are on weight and the appearance they show after eating the unhealthy products. In the article “When a Crop Becomes King” by Michael Pollan there is a quote that explains “To keep it well fed and safe from predators we douse it with chemicals that poison our water and deepen our dependence on foreign oil.” this means that some food products are covered with chemicals so insects won’t be be around it. Pollan let his readers know the truth behind the scenes with unhealthy food products to show that we should not eat at fast food restaurants since it is not real nutrients and healthy to your body. Most people do not know the kind of chemicals there are in the foods at any place you go because they do not research the supplements that are in them, they do not care and just eat what taste good to
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