David Bell 's Conformity Of The Expectations And Obligations Of Society

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David Bell’s conformity to the expectations and obligations of society reflects a normal response to fit in. By not being honest with people he shows ingenuity. He feels the need to conform to society 's expectations which brings out the negative trait of being dishonest. However, during his interactions with certain friends he can be behaves as his true self. The contrast of these traits can be seen in different parts of the book novel as he becomes more comfortable with other characters. David Bell’s shows the reader his two opposing characteristics, conformity and sincerity, show themselves when he talks to different characters. The reason for these traits come from David Bell’s need to be accepted by his friends and by society.
David appears as a conformist who does not behave as his true self in certain societal situations. His conformity to the standards of society leave him with the inability to be honest with others and himself and to act the way he truly wants. This causes his personality to be manipulative. After learning that he hurt his friend during a drunken fight David says, “I’m really sorry, Ken” and later thinks, “I wasn’t sorry. I was, if anything, exhilarated” (9. 267). He knows that He must apologize in order to keep a friendship to be socially accepted, so he does. His concern comes from that the fact that he was able to put a large man in a headlock. Yet, he does not want to appear to be self-centered, so he does the expected thing of society and

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