Essay David Berkowitz: the Son of Sam .44 Caliber Killer

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David Berkowitz: the Son of Sam or the .44 caliber Killer On the summer night of July 29, 1976 shots rang out in a New York City neighborhood. This marked the beginning of the .44 caliber or the Son of Sam murders. His reign of terror would grip this city and its surrounding areas for over a year. Sadly the Son of Sam whom was eventually identified as David Berkowitz a severely disturbed young man that fell under the several theories of crime causation. In his early life he felt awkward and scorned by his peers because of being adopted and his appearance. These feelings would later follow him into his adult life and as referred by Bardsely (n.d.)”, he would be creating fantasies that would crowd out reality and eventually David…show more content…
He performed his first attacks at knife point on two young women. He killed at what we would perceive at random but in his diseased mind these were targets for his demons that ordered him to sacrifice them for their young beautiful blood. Following these attacks David’s delusions dissipated. It seemed as if the demons had been feed and were in a dormant state. He moved from the Bronx to a two-family home in Yonkers. Here though the delusions would grow stronger and more elaborate. The Cassara family, whom he was renting from, owned a German Sheppard who was noisy and howled frequently. He would become David’s unrelenting torment. Inside this family’s dog lived a demon that was ordering David to go hunting for blood. This would drive him to the edge becoming even suicidal at one point. No longer able to bear he left the Cassara’s and moved to an apartment home in Yonkers. Here a man by the name of Sam Carr owned a black Labrador that would also torment David. Yet the more disturbing thing was the way these delusions were being to unravel. He began to believe that Mr. Cassara was General Jack Cosmo, commander in chief of the devil dogs roaming the streets of New York. Sam Carr at this time became host of a powerful demon by the name of Sam who worked for General Jack Cosmo. This was the demon which David refers to his later letters to the news and police.

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