David Brooks The Merit Of Meritocracy Summary

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In the essay The Merits of Meritocracy David Brooks mentions, that meritocracy is the social system that gives opportunities and advantages to people on the basis of their abilities rather then reasons such as wealth or seniority. He believes that people more or less deserve what they get, those people who do not work hard or build up their skills should not expect rewards. He also argued that in school and in the workplace Americans need to focus on achievement, dedication, continuous improvement, and hard work. People have to succeed through there performance: those who work hard should win praise those who don’t work hard will suffer the consequences. A persons country of origin should be no excuse at all. I agree that the social system should give more opportunities to people with ability rather than for other reasons, however, I do…show more content…
Different people have different abilities, especially in the U.S. Where there is a lot of cultures. According to Brooks, there should be no special treatment for students, even if they are from different cultures or speak English as a second language. In this claim, Brooks does not look at aspects of the real world or what really happened to those students. Students who speak English as a second language may have to study harder than American-born students; students from other countries do not have eighteen years of more or less constant practice in English. Some of them have to work long hours to support them selves as well as their families. They do’nt have time to join sports teams or other after-school activities, they don’t get the experiences that American-born students obtain in school. They need help; which is why they come to school. To improve themselves in order to live better. Some students study hard, but they don’t learn quickly. They are still eager, nevertheless, to find ways to be successful. Should those people not be accepted in american
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