David Brooks 's Our Sprawling Supersize Utopia

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David Berreby who is known as the author of “It Takes a Tribe,” was born in France in 1958. He was raised by an American mother and a Jewish father. Berreby talks about the lifestyle of being a college student in gaining a respectable position in the hierarchy of a college tradition within the club membership. David Berrebys’ analysis of ‘us’ v’s ‘them’ brings an impact to all the students because they feel like they need to find or join a group in which they belong to. As for David Brooks, the author of “Our Sprawling Supersize Utopia” who was born in Toronto, Ontario. Brooks was born and raised by his American citizen father in Canada. He made a claim on how suburbs were sprawling and the lifestyles in this society are becoming complex for those people who desire to expand their way of adapting and living in the different environment. Both authors have the same similarities for advancing in a new way of living and as a group, people should be addressed in fitting in a particular social society. As a human being, our ability to consider something is extraordinary due to our needs and wants. “Once people see that they 've been divided into groups, they 'll act accordingly, even if they know that the divisions are as meaningless” (Berreby 10). Is it necessary for us to divide ourselves according to who is better and not? The group of people are frightened to speak on their own behalf and appoint an opinion, due to the fact that other people will criticize them that they are
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