David Brooks's People Like Us

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David Brooks, who is a successful journalist, columnist, and self - described “comic sociologist” at The New York Times, communicates the dilemma of diversification in his expository essay “People Like Us”. Brooks thinks that people should encourage the diverse community to perceive and esteem each other 's different reflection in America. David Brooks demonstrates why all different kinds of humans are attracted to identical and similar races, ethnicities, religions, beliefs, political values, and classes in his essay based on typical examples surrounding us. In other words, Brooks argues all kinds of humans are most comfortable and pleasant living and working with people who share the same values and ideas. Brooks’ convincible thoughts give interesting questions to readers include me as the international student attending Stony Brook, and it makes us reflecting and considering one more time with the necessity of diversity in not only the United States of America but also the global world. In his essay "People Like Us", David Brooks challenges our assumptions about diversity, and Brooks convince us to rethink the value of diversity in American culture.

Michael Jonas, who is the acting editor of CommonWealth magazine, a nonpartisan public policy think tank in Boston, approaches why all other studies about diverse communities in America show negative effects of decreasing civic engagement in his article “The Downside of Diversity” at the Boston Globe Newspaper Company. Jonas…
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