David Cooley Organizational Structure

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Cooley attempts to supercharge its organization with diversity.

This California based law firm advices many top notch organizations such as Google/Alphabet, Facebook & Yelp. To compensate effort, “Attorneys receive the same credit for pro bono hours as they do for paid work.” Performance outcome expectations are fair share based, “Partners are compensated based on their overall contribution to the firm, not merely the amount of business they bring in.”

Compensation (pay) extends Cooley’s motivation offer and is based on merit, qualifications and ability. This is outlined in their EE0 policy and posted publicly on their website. Cooley’s commitment to leading the market with positive employee engagements is littered throughout their site.
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In addition, I have always felt that Cooley gives everyone the same opportunity to excel, regardless of background." Ricardo Rodriguez -Partner, Litigation Department

In relation to proactive policies, I chose Cooley as an organization that attempts to flatten its structure as much as possible and continue to record growth. I am personally more familiar with this sort of organization structure and was surprized to see one represented in the top 100 companies to work for. But what is most surprising about Cooley is that it Grew by 14% while recording a perfect Human Rights corporate Equity index score. Giving one an indication of this organizations commitment.

Cooley makes no mistake about its commitment to its team of lawyers. “Action, Accountability & Results”, engages new talent enhancing their contribution by several mentoring programs. How a lawyer fits in the culture of Cooley is laid out in local leadership programs, internal initiatives and community outreach. This expectancy is initiated during the hiring process by the Hiring committee.

“The firm's management, hiring and diversity committees work closely together to create programs and policies that advance its diversity and inclusion
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