David Copperfield As A Hero Journey

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David Copperfield written by Charles dickens is heroic novel written in 19th century. Some may argue that this novel can not be known as a heroic story because the protagonist, David, doesn't do anything heroic or adventures in the book, he doesn't fight any monsters or dragons. They may have a good reason for their claim; nevertheless, David Copperfield is a realistic heroic story.

According to Merriam Webster dictionary the word hero has several meanings one of which is;" a person admired for achievements and noble qualities" (merriam-webster.com). Baised on the plot story and this definition we can note that David is a admired Character in the book and he also achieves his goal in becoming a writer. Leaving this definition
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In David's life the moment that Mr. Murdstone walks into his mother's life is the moment that his life changes and his adventure begins.

The next stage of the journey is" Assistance" in this stage the hero meets people that are going to help him complete the quest. In the case of David it can be said that he has a lot of assistance through his life; nevertheless the important ones are ;his mother, Peggotty, Miss Betsey Trotwood, Mr. Wickfield and Agnes.

The next stage on the hero's journey is "Departure " in this stage the hero crosses the threshold when he lives his ordinary world and goes into a new place that he doesn't know anything about. For David this stage begins the moment that he arrives at boarding school by Mr. Murdstone. In this part of the book we read " We got to Yarmouth; which was so entirely new and strange to me".(67)

After this stage we have " Triumph" this stage is where the hero has to face more obstacles and hardships as well as meeting enemies in his road to completing the quest. In David's life this happens several times. The first time is when he meets Mr.Murdston "somehow, I didn't like him or his deep voice, and I was jealous that his hands should touch my mother's"(25). Another important time that this happens in his life is when he meets Uriah Heep and describes his apriance such as his seeing a monster "a youth of fifteen, but looking much older-whose hair was copped as close as the
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