David Copperfield

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David Copperfield by Charles Dickens….

Analysis by: Shrook Essam El-Din
Table of Contents:

a- Abstract .

b- Charles Dickens life .

c- Similarity between Charles childhood and David Copperfield .

d- Autobiographical Elements of David Copperfield .

e- Plot summary .

f- Major themes .

g- List of references .

a- Abstract :

'David Copperfield' captured the hearts and imagination of generations of readers since the day of its publication. Charles Dickens chose the main character, David Copperfield, to describe his own life, thoughts and experiences. This is the reason why several readers describe this classic to be an autobiography of the writer.
All of this because it contains many autobiographical Elements
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From 1842, Charles and his family began to travel throughout the world. Initially visiting Canada and the United States. He later travelled to Italy, Switzerland and France.
After his tour of the US and Canada, he published "American Notes" which didn't go down well in the US, being that, at that time, it was a relatively new nation and hadn't developed much of an attitude or sense of humour to anti-slavery. Alternatively it could have been that Charles expressed an offensive attitude towards tobacco chewing, which, by his own account was practiced widely.
In 1845, Dickens founded an amateur theatrical company which he continued until the end of his life and was to take up a great deal of his time. He later travelled with Wilkie Collins and Augustus Egg, the former of which co-wrote the play "The Frozen Deep" with Dickens.
In 1856, Dickens bought an estate that he had held a high regard for since childhood, 'Gad's Hill.' Hans Christian Anderson, visited the family there regularly until he out-stayed his welcome.
First public paid readings began in 1858 and continued until three months before he died in 1870. These readings became enormously popular, after all, no one was able to portray the characters better than the author himself. These performances took place in many locations throughout England, Scotland, Ireland,
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