David Faraday: The People Involved In The Crime Scene

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The police arrived to the crime scene after multiple phone calls saying there is a unresponsive person lying on the side of the road. They initially preserved it to be a car crash, until they were at the scene: "Initially, they were told a woman was lying outside a car; they thought they were being sent to a crash. Police at first speculated it might have been a crank call, but the officers headed back north. But when they arrived, Bidou realized it was no crank call and no car accident. Instead, it was a sinister crime scene" (Lake Herman). The police came across the scene to find that David Faraday was still faintly breathing, however, he died on the way to the hospital. “Their body were found approximately at 11:20 pm, just a few minutes after the murder occurred. David Faraday was found with a bullet hole on the left side of his head and Betty Lou Jensen was found 28 feet away from the car and was shot a few times” (Nobody In…show more content…
The police clearly knew that there was another person involved from the way the crime scene laid out. The investigators were confused because they could not find a motive for a person to gun down the innocent couple, “On the face of it there was no reason for the crime. There was no theft. There was no sexual molestation. There was no murder weapon. Somebody else had been involved. But the gravel was too frozen to show footprints or even fresh tire tracks” (Lake Herman). Sadly, December 20th, 1968 a record for the coldest day was broken and this resulted in the ground being hard, so no footprints or tire tracks were shown. The crime scene led the police and investigators nowhere because nothing was left behind to point them in the right direction in
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