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David Filo and Jerry Yang the founders of Yahoo, which started as a hobby until they developed it to become one of the most important global brands that changed the way people communicate, in 1996 it was the first huge successful year for Yahoo and in 2000 was a high rise in the stock level to $120.

In 2008, Yahoo rejected the offers from Microsoft, unfortunately the Net income decreased by 35%. After one year in 2009, Carroll Bartz replaced Gary Yang as Yahoo's chief executive, and Yahoo's revenue was declined by 13 percent to 1.58 billion costs cut and a 7 percent increase in profits and regrettably the company had to lay off another 700 employees to 13,000 employees. In July 2009, Yahoo! the video site was closed with nearly 20 video services, including social services, 78%. In First quarter 2009 the Manpower reduced by 5% (equivalent to 675 jobs) in the top 2500 jobs in 2008 Second quarter 2009 aggressive costs reduced by 17% in profits we can say was $ 141.4 million.
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They may lack of the experience, or the right practice, even performance of the information, or they can't take advantage of the information they have and used properly.

These problems occurred after Carroll Bartz replaced Jerry Yang as CEO. It is clear that he isn't the right person in this post because of what happened next, which resembles crises at different level.

The strategic plan for Yahoo's company is needing excellent negotiation with clear foundations and quality standards with Microsoft. Because it is a good deal in somehow it is profitable.



Yahoo is the second brand on the Internet, offering its services to users for

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