David Jones

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Internal environment
1. Board of Directors and Management
David Jones has a skilled, experienced and expertise Board of directors which is accountable for caring the rights, interests and the management of David Jones.
Chief Executive Officer and Managing director are responsible for setting strategy, planning and administration for the company on daily basis. Paul Zahra has been “Chief Executive Officer and Managing director” for David Jones since 18 June 2010. Mr Zahra has more than 30 years’ experience in the Australian retail industry. He has held senior management roles across the retail sector in the areas of buying, stores, visual merchandising, supply chain, store refurbishments, customer service and operations.
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Recognition and Reward:
New Executive Incentive Framework
New Enterprise Agreements
New Frontline Incentive Program
Excellence Awards Program
David Jones does not tolerate harassment, discrimination or bullying in the workplace.
Employees of David Jones can expect to be treated in a fair and professional manner.
Unacceptable behaviours under the David Jones terms of employment: Harassment- Discrimination and Bullying.
3. Organisational Culture
Management and the entire David Jones workforce are embraced of and attract diverse, talented and motivated people. David Jones’ diversity supports commitment to a culture that equally embraces: gender, age, culture, religious beliefs, sexual orientation and family responsibilities of our people. David Jones encourages and supports all of our employees to reach their full potential and irrespective of gender.
David Jones’ corporate sponsorship of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the operation of Rose Clinics, while a philanthropic initiative, also serves to demonstrate our commitment to raising health awareness among employees and customers alike. This is representative of our broader commitment to the promotion of women and issues that affect women
David Jones has a Share Trading Policy that complies with the requirements of ASX Listing Rule 12.12. This was lodged with the ASX in 2010 and is

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