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A Review on "Gender, Aging and Drug Use: A Post-Structural Approach to the Life Course" by Ingrid Lander

After conducting an ethnographic study about eight drug-using women in 1997-1999 in order "to describe their lives and living conditions" as social outsider (Lander, 2003), with this follow-up study the Swedish criminologist Ingrid Lander tries to challenge the dominant perspective on ageing and to highlight the mechanism of othering related to drug use. The author is a lecturer in gender theory in criminology, criminological theory and links between drugs and crime Stockholm University and her study interests include social exclusion, drugs, prostitution and diversity. The article focuses on the social, economic, physiological and mental aspects of a life lived outside of the
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Each of them has been recorded and abruptly transcribed so that it is possible to have access to all the data that could be required for a future study on the subject, since it would be impossible to replicate the study. In fact, when an interview method is used for a study, with the decrease of rigid structure, reliability decreases too. However the author's choice of using this method is understandable since the aim of the study was to show how does it feels living outside the constructed structure of society and no other method could be more accurate in the description of this. Interviews allow a deep analysis of facts are one of the most powerful ways for getting the story behind a participant’s experiences (McNamara, 1999).

One of the most important arguments faced in the article is age. The process of ageing is socially constructed through the creation of life schedules, which are conceptions about how people belonging to a particular class are expected to
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