David Lloyd George As A Reformer Of The British Government And The Prime Minister

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10. David Lloyd George was a reformer in the British government and the prime minister from December 1915 to October 1922. As a reformer, he tried to establish a budget for social insurance, rejected by the House of Lords, which led to the Parliamentary Act of 1911, ending the power of veto of the House of Lords. In the Great War, he convinced the Royal Navy to adopt the convoy system and united Allied command under General Ferdinand Foch. He was the prime minister at the negotiations of the Treaty of Versailles, where Britain supported strong terms against Germany. He secured Irish independence from Britain.
11. The Weimar Republic was established in 1919 after the Kaiser fled the country. The constitution set up a relatively democratic
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Germany was disarmed after the Great War, and many other countries tried to reduce their weapons. The Disarmament Movement was eminent through the 1920’s; it was a goal of the League of Nations. However, the closest to disarmament the countries ever reached was the Washington Naval Conference in 1921, where USA, Japan, Britain and France agreed to limit the size of their navies. The World Disarmament Conference was established with the purpose of the disarmament, but tensions ran high, as Germany wanted equal amounts of weapon as France. The talks with Germany ended when Hitler withdrew from both the League and the Conference in 1933.
13. Inflation is the increase of prices for services or goods and the decrease in the value of money. Inflation was one of the causes of the dissatisfaction of the Weimer Republic in Germany. Near 1923, as payments of the Treaty of Versailles loomed closer, the “democratic” government was rushed to print large amounts of money to pay off the debt in time. As a result, an item that cost 100 marks in July 1922 cost 944,000 marks by August 1923; the money became so worthless, some used German marks for wallpaper. This economic collapse slightly recovered with the Dawes Plan, but the Great Depression hit, and people looked hopefully toward a new leader: Hitler.
14. French began to occupy the coal-rich area of the Ruhr River Valley in 1923. This occupation was triggered by the deficiencies in coal payment in accordance
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