David Lynch's Film, Blue Velvet Essay

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David Lynch's Blue Velvet is an exploration of things above and below the surface. This surface is really a borderline between not only idyllic suburban America and the dark, perverted corruption that lies underneath but also between good and evil, conscious and subconscious, dream and reality. Although this division seems quite rigid and clean-cut some of the most important implications of the film stem from the transgressions of these borderlines. In the initial scenes of the film Lynch introduces Lumberton, the typical small town in Middle America where the fireman waves at you, the children are well protected, the lawns are green and there is a smile on everybody's face. Naturally, the most important clich? is also included—we see…show more content…
Accepting this interpretation we may consider the normalcy of Lumberton to be Jeffrey's superego and the underworld, and particularly Frank, to be his id surfacing and trying to take control of his ego. The censor who struggles to keep the id suppressed is Jeffrey himself who finally succeeds by killing Frank and thus killing his evil, instinctive self putting his id back where it belongs. Sandy may also be seen as a censor-like figure for she is firmly rooted in the superego Lumberton world and represents all the purity and innocence and love that is missing from the underworld. According to Antulov Sandy's role in the film is "to be the voice of reason and the only link to the 'normal' world for Jeffrey" ("Review for Blue Velvet", http://reviews.imdb/Reviews/155/15529). She, however, also embodies essential goodness, making the counterpoint to the forces of evil which are luring Jeffrey away from his secure position above the surface. Moreover, she is a source of love and as such, a possible source of deliverance. There are other Freudian elements in the film as well; most of which are connected to Frank. Lost in his perverted sexual fantasies he relates to Dorothy both as her father and as her child. In her sexual connection to Frank Dorothy may be seen to represent the Female being assaulted by all the Male figures—getting raped by the Husband who is
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