David Mccullough Speech

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1. During the graduation of Wesley high school's class of 2012, Mr. David McCullough Jr's speech had an odd, but very clever way of applying what it really means to be graduating and going onto a much bigger page in each of the students lives. He argued that you are in fact not special in the ways you see yourself to be because the center of the world does not revolve around you. The definition of special is to be better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual, and quite frankly we are not that. Our minds dependence on thinking that we are special has only caused us to be less of that. If we all go around believing we're special then we can refer back to the definition, which states, "being special is different from what is usual",…show more content…
Mr. McCullough's argument did not only impose our minds to think outside of our comfort zones, it gave us many valid points on why we are not that special. The WHS faculty messanger stated, "...your planet is not the center of the solar system, your solar system is not the center of its galaxy. Your galaxy is not the center of the universe; in fact, astro physicist ensure the universe has no center; therefore, you cannot be it." This is only shows how small a roll you play in everyday life up until you become what we like to call "the big shots". There are billions and billions of other people fighting for the same attention you crave and in reality, only a single person can achieve that kind of success and glory. That also supports another claim mentioned that, "there can only be one best, either you're it or you're not..." After a couple of minutes of seriousness, he lightens the mood by imitating past students and everyday people. "...[A girl says,] 'my aunt told me I'm my own version of perfect', and [a boy says,] 'the pictotist tells me I have the spark of Zeus'...[Mr. McCullough doesn't] disagree." Mr. McCullough also doesn't forget to add that even if you are told these things, that means another 6.8 billion people are posed as the example of perfection and/or has the sparks of the Zeus. It makes you question a lot about how special you really
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