David Milne : An Artist, Who Captured The Essence Of Canadian Art

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David Milne was a painter, printmaker, and writer, who captured the essence of Canadian art. Milne showed a pure aesthetic approach to his work that was dependant of his specific formula. Essentially Milne sought to reduce a painting to the basic form. David Milne was born on January 8, 1882, in a southern Ontario village named Burgoyne. David was the last of ten children to his Scottish immigrant parents. David Milne was born to be an artist, he began drawing even before starting kindergarten, and ironically enough the only subject he had ever failed in elementary school was drawing. Although Milne spent most of his artists’ career in the United States and received much adulation in New York, in Canada he was well known as a Canadian nationalist and monarchist. In his practices David used predominately oil paint, water color and drypoint printmaking. Milne’s work was similar in context and location compared to the Group of Seven, he primarily choose landscape as an image of interest. Unlike the Group of Seven, David approached his paintings with a more modern feel and developed his own particular style that was beautiful and simple. His landscapes and still images portrayed a sense of touch and feel. While the subject of Milne’s choice was from the visible world, streets, people and landscapes he portrayed a modernist style that he had learned in New York. Milne formally believed that the elements such as line, color, shape, and composition were predominating in any piece

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